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Welcome to the site for links to Mountain Dulcimer Clubs, Hammer Dulcimer Clubs, Festivals, Traditional Music, Bluegrass Music and Folk Music Artists, Bands and Stores!

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A Calendar of Regularly-Scheduled Monthly "Weekend Events" for Acoustic Music: Monthly Acoustic Music Events


Of Special Note:

Recent CDs Click the links below for information and sample tracks:


Justin and Linda's CD Wayfaring Strangers

Calvin Williams' CD Frivolities and Other Nonsense

Masters of the Wooden Nickel CD

April Kelly's CD "Bootleg"

Be Thou My Vision - Joshua Messick's CD

A Touch Of Christmas Peggy Carters new CD

  FREE Monthly Jam Opportunity: Huntsville, 4th Sat.

This site is always being revised. We offer FREE pages here to dulcimer and folk music clubs, artists, bands, music stores, festivals, teachers and builders. If you already have a website, this site will offer a link on our appropriate pages to your existing site. If you don't already have a page, we can build a short one for you. Browse the clubs page to see how this works.

Note that this site has almost no graphics to download, no music playing in the background, etc. And furthermore, there won't ever be any! That's because TexasDulcimer.Net is merely a jumping-off place to the "real" websites. As an example, here is a really nice one :

What is Texasdulcimer.Net all about, anyway?

The purpose of this site is to serve as an ever-growing source to find other traditional musicians and music related things. As a member of the Houston, TX North Harris County Dulcimer Society, I have become aware of how difficult it is for people who are interested in learning to play a mountain or hammer dulcimer to find a place to do that! Mountain dulcimer clubs, builders and even bands are frequently hard to find... usually they aren't even listed in the phone book. Festivals are also hard to find if you aren't already in the community of traditional musicians. This web presence is hopefully going to help to change that!

OK, OK, OK.... I know that there are actually dulcimers outside of Texas. So WHY did I call it "Texas Dulcimer Net"? I'm hoping it makes the site address easy to remember. We aren't limiting the listings here to Texas sites or to dulcimers; in fact, many of our favorite people, sites and festivals are outside of Texas (however, they aren't as big....) and often involve other weird musical instruments.

There are quite a few artists and bands listed on the bands page that are not all dulcimerists. We like singer/songwriters and such, too!

If you'd like a listing here, just e-mail your web site link or your info you want listed to me at: Justin Marquez's E-Mail .

Ye Olde very Fine Print:

"CAVEAT EMPTOR (Let the Buyer Beware) ! Listings here do not imply endorsement of any goods or services. Not being listed here does not imply that a site offering goods or services is somehow of substandard quality... it only means nobody gave me the link yet. If I find a link that looks useful or if someone sends me a link, it gets listed if it appears remotely relevant to traditional music related stuff and does not appear offensive to me (my opinion on what constitutes "offensive" is final and binding). Links are checked at time they are listed here. Maintenance of links is not guaranteed. If your site or info is listed here and you do not wish for it to be or if you want it modified, notify me via e-mail at Justin Marquez's E-Mail and I'll fix it as soon as I can, which may be a couple of days or so. Your mileage may vary. If you break it you own both parts."